What’s Next with the AHCA?

Much ink will be spilled on the travesty that was passed in the House this morning. The bill that seeks to replace the ACA actively endangers the 24 million people who will be uninsured , victims of sexual violence, special needs children, and anyone who lives with “pre-existing conditions“.

All of these things requires attention in their own regard, and I am utterly appalled.

But Democrats have to keep the pressure on, as this bill’s passage is not guaranteed to pass through the gauntlet ahead in the Senate. The 52 Senate Republicans cannot afford to lose many votes, just 3 defections will mean defeat. If any of the Senators seeks to amend the bill, this will go back to the House.

The 217 Republicans who passed this bill without the Congressional Budget Office’s score, public hearings, and town halls are surely mistaken if they think they can simply pass the buck on towards their Senate colleagues.


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